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Granule material packaging machine
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the increasing improvement of packaging technology, higher requirements are put forward for material packaging. It requires not only high speed and precision, but also automation, and even different packaging forms. The DCS-Z-D double bucket weigher for packing particulate materials produced by our company is a fast quantitative packaging unit which integrates weighing, seaming, packaging and transportation. It has been welcomed by users for many years. Widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, ports, mines, food, food and other industries.
Product introduction
Quantitative packing scale for particulate materials needs manual bagging, manual bagging of bags into the lower opening, switching the bag clamping switch, driving the cylinder after receiving the signal of bagging, driving the bag clamping device to clamp the bag, and starting the feeding mechanism to feed the materials in the bin into the weighing hopper. After reaching the target weight, the feeding mechanism stops feeding, the bin closes, and the material is weighed by gravity feeding. The material in the measuring bucket is filled into the packing bag. After filling, the bag holder opens automatically. The filled packing bag falls on the conveyor automatically. The conveyor is conveyed back to the sewing machine. The manual assistant sewing bag is exported backward to complete the packaging process.
Technical Parameters



Weight Range


Display Resolution



0.2% F  S


600-800 bags/h

Relative Humidity

≤ 90%

Power Source

AC380V 50Hz

Air Consumption

1 m3/h

Air Pressure




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