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Powder material packaging machine
Powder quantitative packaging machine DCS-50F is a new type of high-performance packaging machine independently developed by our company and with independent intellectual property rights. It is suitable for automatic quantitative powder packaging equipment in flour, starch, feed, food, chemical, light industry, medicine and other industries. Powder quantitative packaging machine DCS-50F is mainly equipped with weighing mechanism, feeding mechanism, body frame, control system, conveyor and sewing machine, which need manual bagging.
Product introduction
Before packaging, the target weight should be set manually on the instrument. Customers can adjust themselves according to their needs. They can put the bags into the lower outlet manually, switch the clamp switch, drive the cylinder after the control system receives the signal of the bags, clamp the bags by the clamp, and start the feeding mechanism to feed the materials into the packing scale. The feeding mechanism is a double helix feeding mechanism. When the target weight is reached, the helix will drive the cylinder. Stop feeding, the belt opener opens automatically, the packing bag falls on the conveyor automatically. The conveyor carries the packing bag back to carry on the artificial auxiliary seam opening, and then carries it back to complete a bag filling process.
Technical Parameters



Weight Range


Display Resolution



0.2% F  S


200-300 bags/h

Relative Humidity

≤ 90%

Power Source

AC380V 50Hz

Air Consumption

1 m3/h

Air Pressure



3.0 kw

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