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Mixing material packaging machine
DCS-P-W mixtures quantitative packaging machine adopts advanced micro-computer control instrument, automatic fault diagnosis, and stainless steel is used to make the parts in contact with materials. It is suitable for mixtures and materials with high moisture content. It is widely used in chemical, fertilizer, food, friction materials and refractories industries.
Product introduction
When the quantitative packing machine for mixtures manually sets the bags into the lower outlet, it moves the clamp switch. The control system receives the signal of the bags and drives the cylinder. The clamp clamps the bags. At the same time, it starts the feeding mechanism to feed the materials into the packing scale. The feeding mechanism is the belt feeding mechanism. The fast feeding (big head feeding) is used to feed the materials. When the target weight of the fast feeding is reached, the fast feeding can be done quickly. Material stops closing the feeding door, controlled by the instrument, slow feeding (small end feeding) for slow feeding. When the required target weight is reached, slow feeding stops, the belt opener opens automatically, the packaging bag falls on the conveyor automatically, and the conveyor delivers the packaging bag back to the seam outlet to complete a bag filling process.
Technical Parameters

Weight Range


Display Resolution



0.2% F  S


200-300 bags/h

Relative Humidity

≤ 90%

Power Source

AC380V 50Hz

Air Consumption

1 m3/h

Air Pressure



4.4 kw

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