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Liquid filling machine
Series of Liquid Quantitative Filling Machine is suitable for chemical industry, edible oil, brewing, dairy industry, fruit juice, beverage and other industries. It is used for quantitative filling of single and multiple liquids.
Product introduction
The system uses the latest computer technology and unique and reliable digital and analog circuit technology, which makes the instrument in the measurement accuracy, anti-interference ability, data protection and other aspects in the leading domestic level, high reliability, and can be applied to harsh environment.
Technical Parameters
Introduction to LCS Products of Liquid Filling Machine LCS series of liquid Filling Machine can meet the needs of automatic filling of various liquids. The system is equipped with a filling device on or below the liquid level. The unique spray gun device is easy to operate. The filling is fast and accurate, and the residual liquid leakage is avoided to the greatest extent when the filling is completed. Suitable for safe environment, can fill a variety of specifications of containers. In operation, the operator only needs to simply move the container so that the filling port of the container is directly below the nozzle of the spray gun, press the "start" button, the spray gun drops automatically, the empty barrel peels automatically, and then fills accurately and quickly. At the end of filling, the spray gun is automatically lifted out of the barrel. The operator removes the full barrel and ends a filling cycle.
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